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Schunk Carbon Technology

Schunk Carbon Technology develops and manufactures components made of carbon, graphite, carbon fiber-reinforced carbon (CFC), silicon carbide, aluminum oxide and quartz. Our local experts are there for you in 38 locations across the globe. Divided into business units, Schunk Carbon Technology bundles its expertise according to the area of application of its products and market requirements. Schunk Carbon Technology is a division of the globally active technology company Schunk Group, which employs more than 8,000 people in 29 countries.


Mechanical Carbon

The Mechanical Carbon business unit develops and produces sealing rings, sliding bearings and pump components made of graphite and carbon materials, as well as SiC. The business unit's products are used in sealing technology, as well as in machines, assemblies and systems in many industrial areas, such as the chemical and petrochemical industries, energy and supply engineering, the pharmaceutical and foodstuff industries, aviation and shipping and many more.


High Temperature Applications

Wherever high temperatures place extreme requirements on material properties, products from the High Temperature Applications business unit are the first choice, whether it's in furnace construction, heat treatment, glass processing, the manufacture of semiconductors and solar cells or in analytical technology. In addition to graphite, we produce components made of carbon-reinforced carbons (CFC). A leader in the cleaning and coating (SiC, pyrocarbon etc.) of graphites and CFC, we are able to offer extremely pure and high-resistance products.


Home Appliance

Carbon brushes from the Home Appliance business unit are "driving forces" around the world in household appliances, power tools, gardening equipment, toys and in the after market as well. Thanks to our highly capable development department and comprehensive testing equipment, our carbon brushes meet the most stringent application and quality demands.


Current Transmission

The Current Transmission business unit is the expert in safe and reliable electric current transmission across a broad spectrum of industrial applications. From rail technology to wind power plants to power generation and supply, our carbon brushes, sliding strips, grounding systems, retainer systems, conductor bands, switching contacts and many other products ensure fault-free electric current transmission all around the globe. 



As a component and development partner of the automotive industry, the Automotive business unit provides components for electric current transmission and tribologically high-load sliding bearings and sealing elements made of carbon graphite, graphite and silicon carbide for comfortable and safe mobility. With several hundred million carbon brushes in electric motors for starters, fans, gasoline pumps, window regulators etc. annually, we are the global leader in understanding the complex requirements of the automotive industry and meeting them with precision. We are already able to offer our customers fully developed solutions such as sliding contacts and grounding contacts for electrical drives.


Technical Ceramics

The Technical Ceramics business unit is the innovative specialist for ceramic materials and components made of silicon carbide (SiC) and aluminum oxide (Al2O3) used in thermal processing technology, furnace and system construction and process engineering, among other things in burners for direct and indirect heating and for burning aids. Thanks to its outstanding features, our SiC is also used in ballistic protection.


Micro Electronics

The Micro Electronics business unit develops and produces custom-tailored materials and components for the production of semiconductors and LEDs. Our solutions using graphite, ceramic and quartz are impressive thanks to their optimum purity and high temperature- and corrosion-resistance.


Transit Systems

Whether it's for driving high-speed trains or in efficient charging processes for electrically driven buses, the Transit Systems business unit is the leader in technology. Our current collectors, third-rail systems and sliding strips are cutting edge technology in electric current transmission for rail traffic available nowhere else in the world. With Schunk Smart Charging®, we ensure emission-free travel for electrically driven buses in local public transport.