Base material for implants

Schunk provides particularly sophisticated materials for use in human and veterinary medicine. Arthroscopy pins are used successfully to treat arthrosis, and thanks to GFRP, dental root pins and dental crowns are no longer a problem for those with nickel allergies.

Cartilage pins

Knorpelpins (Implantate)

Carbon fiber pins are used in the bioprosthetic sector to regenerate areas of defective cartilage. This minimally invasive technology uses pins for bioplanting. They stimulate the growth of chondroblasts – which are responsible for the formation of cartilaginous tissue – in the defective area. Thanks to a material specially developed by Schunk, this type of arthroscopy pins offer excellent biocompatibility.

Dental root pins

Zahnwurzelstifte (Implantate)

Dental root pins are manufactured from a glass fiber composite material (GFRP) specially developed by Schunk. The strength of the GFRP is tailored to the strength of the dentin. This prevents a difference in rigidity between the pin and the dentin, which can lead to loosening. GFRP dental root pins are indispensable, particularly for patients with nickel allergies. However, they are also often preferred for cosmetic reasons, as the material does not cause the tooth to appear darker.

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