Tribologically stressed components for building services engineering

Our graphite, carbon graphite and silicon carbide plain bearings and gaskets are developed and manufactured for the most demanding applications. Schunk offers a wide range of bearing materials for seals, pumps, bearings and compressors.

Our graphite and carbon graphite materials feature the following characteristic properties:
• Low friction coefficients
• High wear resistance
• Excellent sliding properties in wet and dry operation
• Comprehensive chemical resistance
• High temperature resistance
• Good thermal conductivity
• Outstanding thermal shock resistance
• Excellent dimensional stability
• High fatigue strength

Sliding contact bearings

Gleitlager (Versorgungstechnik)

Schunk manufactures bearings in graphite, carbon graphite and resin bonded graphite:
• Radial and axial bearings with and without lubrication grooves (also in CMC)
• Bearings with and without holders

Schunk offers radial and axial bearings in highly wear-resistant ceramic for use in abrasive and corrosive environments.

Sealing technology

Dichtungstechnik (Versorgungstechnik)

Schunk manufactures graphite and carbon graphite gaskets for axial and radial contact and gap seals.

Gaskets for axial seals:

• Friction rings for axial contact seals
• Friction rings for gas seals
• Rings for rotary joints and ball valves
• Segmented rings
• Rings with and without holders

Gaskets for radial contact and gap seals:
• Single piece rings
• Rings with and without holders
• Segmented rings with and without springs and with a variety of face designs
• Labyrinth rings
• Support rings

Schunk also offers ceramic friction and counter rings for axial mechanical seals for various applications, including for use in abrasive and corrosive environments.

Global contacts

Local contacts