Burner nozzles for household burners

Schunk produces silicon infiltrated reaction bonded silicon carbide (SiSiC) burner nozzles that are used successfully in household burners by almost all system suppliers. The ceramic material features high corrosion resistance when used with low sulfur heating oils. In addition to this, SiSiC burner nozzles allow efficient energy use and guarantee high reliability.

Burner nozzles

Brennerdüsen (Keramik Hochtemp)

The demands on ceramic burner components are constantly rising due to increasing automation. Because of this, Schunk works in consultation with design engineers and users to develop custom solutions right up to series production readiness.
This is why renowned furnace manufacturers around the world have successfully used our silicon carbide burner nozzles in gas or oil fired industrial furnaces for years.

• Zero porosity
• Excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance
• Dimensional stability up to maximum application temperature
• Excellent thermal conductivity
• Low weight
• High reliability and cost effectiveness
• Optimum efficiency

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