We are Carbon Technology

A globally successful company. Always at your side.

All our knowledge and actions are focused on the fascinating element of carbon and its versatile applications. With our highly specialized technology portfolio comprised of mechanical carbon, electrical carbon, thermal carbon and technical ceramics, we offer solutions for a broad industrial spectrum from the automotive industry to semi-conductor technology.


Every part, every component and every system is faced with technical limitations which are often the result of the material chosen for the job. Constantly redefining performance limits is what drives us. The materials we develop from carbon, graphite, ceramic, carbon and ceramic composites, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide and quartz break ground in areas where conventional materials just can't cut it. 

Thanks to the special mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of our materials, our solutions are used in some of the most demanding applications. Behind this lies a bold quality concept, from raw material acquisition to material preparation to molding and refinement. Our customers are able to profit both from our technological advantage and our deep understanding of individual requirements, applications and processes.