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Oxide Fiber Composites (OFC)

Innovative material for processing aluminum melts

  • Innovative material for processing aluminum melts

The increasing demands on materials for tool and plant components for processing molten aluminium in order to counteract wear and tear as well as the entry of impurities can no longer be met by conventional materials without further ado. System parts and auxiliary agents made of Durafox™ Ceramics have a significantly higher service life under such conditions than parts made of conventional materials.

The development and investigation of suitable materials, the essential characteristic of which is to possess chemical resistance in combination with favourable material-physical properties such as strength, toughness or thermal shock resistance when processing aluminium melts, is increasingly becoming the focus of attention in the foundry industry. A relatively new class of materials are so-called oxide fibre reinforced oxide ceramics (OFC). The manufacturing concept of these OFC materials, which has been designed by Schunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbH to industrial standards, opens up completely new possibilities in the processing of molten aluminum.

Read the latest article "Oxide Fiber Composites for Aluminum Casting" in issue 05/2020 of SPOTLIGHTMETAL.

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