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Whitepaper: Schunk Durafox™ Ceramics

Innovative material for processing aluminum melts

  • Innovative material for processing aluminum melts

At the beginning of all development work, a decision has to be taken as to the optimum material to be used. Thanks to their outstanding material-specific properties, parts made of Oxide Fiber Composites (OFC) have an enormous potential for applications in heavily corrosive or oxidizing atmospheres.

They have a high damage tolerance and resistance to changes in temperature, and can be used for temperatures up to 1,100 °C. System parts and auxiliary agents made of oxide ceramic composites are thus ideal for the processing of aluminum melts as well as for heat treatment applications (soldering or hardening processes) as well as numerous other areas of application. Use of these materials enhances product quality and reduces the time and energy required at the same time. Schunk is developing new manufacturing processes on an industrial scale. The wide spectrum of technological manufacturing approaches allows applications that were not viable previously to be served now. 

Find out more about Durafox™ Ceramics for the processing of aluminum melts in our whitepaper! Please send us an e-mail to and we will be happy to send you the whitepaper shortly.

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