Beams and Profiles

Beams and Profiles

Our longitudinal and cross beams are load-bearing constructional elements for weight-optimized kiln car superstructures, which are used – among other things – for ceramic baking in the field of sanitary, electroporcelain and architectural ceramics . The RBSiC variants CarSIK and EcoLight (for sanitary) which are used, exhibit up to 40% greater bending strength compared to products currently available from the competition. Thanks to the combination of high volume weight and a low free silicon content, these beams and profiles impress with their very high fatigue strength. The unique microstructure of our EcoLight variant also allows smaller beam cross sections, which reduces the thermal mass and thus leads to significant energy cost savings.

For high-temperature applications from 1380 °C ≤ 1470 °C, our material CarSIK-NG (silicon nitride-bonded silicon carbide) is available.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Possible RBSiC-Variants: CarSIK and EcoLight, NSiC variant: CarSIK-NG
  • High bending and fatigue strength
  • High oxidation and corrosion resistance
  • Very good thermal shock resistance
  • Low thermal mass
  • Makes significant energy cost savings possible
  • Large beam cross-sections optimally utilize kiln space
  • A unique package of services accompanies the EcoLight variant: Economic efficiency calculations, technical support, maintenance and cleaning services and max. 10-year product warranty

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