• Carbon Slide Bearings
  • Carbon Slide Bearings
  • Carbon Slide Bearings

Carbon Slide Bearings

When using media-lubricated carbon slide bearings, friction and wear considerably decrease in the presence of small quantities of liquid or vapors. Depending on the load, medium and geometry, hydrodynamic lubrication then begins in the liquids starting at a certain sliding speed. In this state, no frictional wear occurs at all.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Small friction coefficient
  • Dry-running capability
  • Outstanding resistance to chemicals
  • Materials compliant with FDA, WRAS, API685 etc.
  • Broad spectrum of individually matchable materials made of carbon-graphite and electro-graphite with synthetic resin, antimony or copper impregnation; synthetic resin-bonded graphite and ceramic fiber composites.

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