• Cruciform Spacer
  • Cruciform Spacer

Cruciform Spacer

Our spacers function as spacers within radiant tubes for the indirect heating of heat treatment furnaces. The preferred material variant for maximal application temperatures of 1380 °C is our 3D-printed RBSiC IntrinSiC®, since this material can be used to achieve short delivery times with the elimination of cost-intensive model and mold costs as well as a high level of complexity in the design. For component temperatures from 1380 to 1470 °C, our silicon nitride-bonded silicon carbide (NSiC) is available.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Possible RBSiC-Variants: CarSIK, IntrinSiC®
  • Possible NSiC-Variant: CarSIK-NG
  • High oxidation and corrosion resistance
  • Very good thermal shock resistance
  • Unique in the world: 3-D printing with IntrinSiC®
    (Short delivery times, high design flexibility, elimination of cost-intensive model and mold costs)


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