• Latent Heat Carbon
  • Latent Heat Carbon


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With Latent Heat Carbon, we will be presenting innovative material developments for the efficient thermal management of batteries and power electronics.

Latent Heat Carbon

Electrical mobility can only get safely rolling with reliable thermal management for batteries. That is why we have developed Latent Heat Carbon, a composite material consisting of phase-change materials (PCM) and graphite. It combines the outstanding heat-accumulation properties of the PCM with the high thermal conductivity of expanded graphite. The manufacturing method is new, too – the Expand to Shape process utilizes the foaming nature of the graphite to create flexible geometries and optimum thermal contact. Latent Heat Carbon can also be used to cool electronic components and in the temperature regulation of conventional propulsion technologies.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Schunk quality for reliable thermal management
  • New material: Latent Heat Carbon, a composite of phase-change materials (PCM) and graphite
  • Outstanding heat-accumulation properties
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Innovative manufacturing method enables flexible geometries 

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