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However you want to charge your battery-driven vehicle – Schunk Transit Systems has the suitable charging system for you.
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Roof-mounted Pantograph SLS 103

Our new pantograph SLS 103 is a technological milestone that sets unrivaled standards in the market for pantograph systems thanks to many years of development competence.

The pantograph permits the recharging of vehicles of various heights in just seconds, even double-deckers – with a single charging current collector and very high power transfer. It can be customized to individual customer demands as well as to all existing recharging infrastructure.

Roof-mounted Pantograph

Our SLS 102 pantograph is precisely designed for our customers’ requirements for current transmission and power availability.

The pantograph is mounted on the vehicle roof and makes contact in only four seconds or on demand in < 1s.

Roof-mounted Pantograph - Contact Systems

Depending on the setup involved, different contact interfaces can be used.

For example, existing infrastructure can be used. Even different electricity networks do not pose a problem for the system. We offer the following contact systems: 2-pole, 3-pole, 4-pole and 5-pole. The most common solutions currently being used are the 4-pole and 5-pole pantographs. Both systems meet standardization requirements.

Compensation of Parking Tolerances

With its compensation mechanism system, Schunk Carbon Technology offers quick and efficient recharging for any ground conditions.

The mechanism offsets both vehicle movement during the charging process as well as parking tolerances. The parking tolerances of the electric bus, including kneeling, are as follows: +/- 500mm in the driving direction, +/- 350mm parallel to the driving direction, 4° kneeling.

Current Transmission

In order to achieve an ideal relation between battery size, passenger capacity and driving range, a solution is needed which offers a functionally-reliable transfer of high current in a few seconds.

The following power transfers are possible: pulse charging 1.000A für 30s, opportunity charging: 500A for 15 min and depot charging: 150A continuous current.

Inverted Pantograph

Technological Milestone

A further technology milestone has been set by the inverted pantograph from Schunk Carbon Technology, which can be embedded in the existing power-transmission infrastructure. This pantograph model makes it possible to recharge different buses at one location.

Drive Systems

New standards by advanced and patented drive system

Our product features an extremely high number of cycles (> 1 million). The contacting of the system takes place within five seconds and permits a constant contact pressure during the battery charging process, without loss of contact. Various vehicles with varying vehicle heights can be recharged at a given bus stop using the same pantograph without any additional sensors. With the Fail-Safe-Function, our inverted pantograph automatically moves into a safe position in the event of power failure or malfunction.

Operating Range

The half-scissor design of the inverted pantograph makes it possible to recharge different vehicles at one bus stop or charging station

The major advantages Schunk offers are: The system has a maximum operating range of 2.5m meters. In addition, our flexible system permits a recharging of ordinary and double-decker buses as well as special vehicles at the same station. The inverted pantograph provides compensation for vehicle motion during recharging.

Contact Interfaces

INVESA – Current Rail Interface

The 4-pole system ensures a constant contact pressure distribution to all four power rails and compensates vehicle movement during recharging. Further advantages: high power transfer and flat counter-contact on the vehicle roof.

Contact Interfaces

INVESA – Cover Interface

The 4-pole system ensures a constant pressure distribution to all four power rails and compensates vehicle movement reliably during recharging (up to 5°, including kneeling). Further advantages: high level of parking tolerance compensation of the vehicle at the bus stop, high power transfer, ideal for special vehicles.

Contact Interfaces

INVESA – Funnel Interface

The 4-pole system ensures a constant contact pressure distribution to all four power rails and compensates vehicle movement during recharging. Further advantages: high power transfer, compact counter-contact can be integrated into battery system (offers space saving on the roof).

Underbody Charger System

With the Underbody Charger Schunk is presenting the e-tank station of the future, which will allow the safe, efficient, comfortable and autonomous recharging of various vehicle types within seconds.

This will be made possible by a retractable recharging station located in the pavement, the docking module built into in the vehicle underbody as well as an extremely high-power transfer of up to 1 MW. Hence, automatic recharging can be shortened to a few minutes, even in completely depleted batteries, which allows for easy integration into the everyday use of vehicles.

These industry segments can benefit from Smart Charging technology

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  • Harbor vehicles
  • Airport ground vehicles
  • Battery driven mining vehicles
  • Waterbuses

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