Forming Technology

Materials advantages take shape thanks to state-of-the-art technologies

Our pioneering forming technologies allow us to design components and systems that optimally meet our customers’ requirements. We use processes that always deliver the highest quality and are tailored to the respective materials. Whether for pressing, winding, extruding, milling and much more; whether for process-reliable and high-volume production or on-site production of individual parts; whether for combining several functions in one material or enabling previously unattained complexity – we have the perfect solution for everything.


Ceramic components from the 3D printer with IntrinSiC®
The innovative manufacturing solution IntrinSiC® enables the production of large-dimensioned, monolithic ceramic components made of reaction-bound silicon carbide in 3D printing – a world first. This unique shaping process offers new possibilities for designing components made of this material, which is almost as hard as a diamond. IntrinSiC® is interesting for industrial precision and measurement technology as well as for all high-temperature firing processes requiring components that, despite their thin walls and reduced weight, are high-strength and temperature-resistant.

For the electric motors of the future: CFRP reinforcing sheaths
An ultra-thin lightweight material in a heavy duty environment with extremely high speeds – is this a good idea? Absolutely! Our advanced fiber composite molding technologies facilitate the cost-efficient production of wound reinforcing sheaths made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Thanks to the use of high-performance carbon fibers, they can be deployed in permanent magnet motors ranging from modern electric cars to small electrical appliances, thus providing a significant technological edge.