Surface Engineering

Gives materials protection, higher quality and functional enhancements

Our surface treatments are actually anything but superficial – as with all our developments, we proceed with the utmost care and precision as well as in-depth expertise. We recommend always giving the material a final surface treatment if it is to be protected against aggressive media or high temperatures. This can also improve the material’s surface quality and even its functionality. Finishing steps such as coatings and impregnations with metals, synthetic resins or special salts are only a few examples of the options we have to custom-process your material.


SiC coating for wafer-processing applications
Schunk Xycarb technology allows us to offer our semiconductor industry customers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for wafer production and processing. Our know-how covers the entire range of ceramic products, including CVD SiC-coated graphite and ceramic products. The surface treatment of our wafer susceptors set new standards by leveraging a highly pure and corrosion-resistant coating with silicon carbide.

Patented PyC finishing with a wide range of applications
Our customers benefit from our decades of experience in the field of coatings applied by the LP-CVD process (low pressure chemical vapor deposition). One of them uses PyC, pyrolytic carbon. This ultrapure graphite increases electrical and thermal conductivity as well as chemical resistance and is used, for example, in analytical technology for atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) tubes. Semiconductor technology is just one of the sectors that use PyC surface treatment to reduce particle release and can significantly improve the oxidation behavior of electrographite with an additional PyC coating.