• Mono-Wafers
  • Mono-Wafers
  • Mono-Wafers


In addition to the relevant carbon-based products for the Czochralski (CZ) process, we supply a range of optimization variations. The cost of ownership can be improved accordingly to optimize crystal dislocations in addition to increasing service life and reducing downtime. Maximum purity, precision and material quality enable cost optimization over the entire crystal growing process.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • High-temperature cleaning of the materials used
  • Boron and phosphorous residual contamination < 1 ppm (ppb < 200)
  • CVD/CVI coating technology for crystalline ß-SiC layers
  • CVD/CVI technology for the deposition of highly oriented pyrocarbon (PyC)
  • Comprehensive coating, including in complex component geometries
  • Maximum purity coupled with maximum service life
  • CFC substitution materials
  • Stand-alone concepts for your insulation
  • Dimension up to 36" crucible diameter 

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