Material Know-how

Whether carbon, ceramics or quartz – benefit from our in-depth materials expertise

Every development starts with the choice of the most suitable material. The specific properties of the finished product are ultimately largely determined by those of the raw material. At Schunk, we can draw on over 100 years of experience in the development and processing of our high-quality materials. They are based on carbon, ceramics or quartz – three materials from which we develop solutions for our customers’ individual requirements by combining unique properties with impressive performance.


Carbon gives the wind power industry a boost
Our brake pads for wind power plants are a perfect example of how our materials expertise has enabled us to meet a large number of customer requirements. Unlike conventional brake pads made of organic materials, we have developed a solution made of a specially formulated carbon material. It greatly reduces the turbine’s noise level, significantly reduces wear and causes less abrasion, thus lowering maintenance costs.

Not only the aerospace industry gets off to a flying start with Ox/Ox
Our oxide ceramic composites are a good example of our ceramic materials expertise. They show their strengths under extreme conditions, such as in corrosive or oxidative environments, as well as at temperatures above 1,000° C. Aluminum oxide fiber-reinforced alumina ceramics feature excellent impact strength and thermal shock resistance, making them ideal for industrial brazing or diffusion-bonding applications and for use in aircraft turbines. Here we are already working on solutions for the next turbine generation: silicon carbide fiber-reinforced silicon carbide ceramics. Alongside our oxide ceramic composites, they are ideal lightweight materials for the high-efficiency turbine generations of the future.