Material Property Engineering

Get the best out of any material with precise material property design




With Latent Heat Carbon, we will be presenting innovative material developments for the efficient thermal management of batteries and power electronics.

Our material property engineering department further develops materials into individually tailored solutions. In other words: We get the best out of the material to ensure that it precisely meets the desired requirements – whether for mechanical, electrical or thermal applications. We use state-of-the-art techniques to precisely design electrical, chemical and physical properties such as corrosion resistance, thermal expansion, density and many others in order to achieve perfectly fitting results.


Aluminum graphite combines the best of two materials
The advantages our material property engineering offers can be demonstrated by the newly developed hybrid material: aluminum graphite. It combines the high thermal conductivity and mechanical strength of aluminum with the low density and low thermal expansion of graphite. This material thus attracts great interest wherever efficient thermal management solutions with high reliability and low component weight are required, for example in power electronics.

Attractive tribological properties
Reliable performance and efficient high-volume production – our material property engineering can also combine these properties. The tailor-made combination of polymer and graphite results in a material with good tribological properties that can be economically produced by injection molding. It can be leveraged, for example, to manufacture bearings for coolant pumps that can be used in the vast majority of media deployed in the automotive sector.